An Introductory Lecture

Tuesday 15 October 2019 08:30 - 10:00 Room: 0.1


This short lecture by Professor José Manuel Torralba (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) will cover important key topics in Powder Metallurgy. PM For Beginners aims to give people with no PM background a goodbase for the understanding of the many materials, processes and applications PM can offer today. This lecture will focus on:

  1. What is powder metallurgy?
  2. PM fields of applications
  3. Advantages of PM
  4. Historical background
  5. The PM processPM for Beginners
  6. Final products properties
  7. PM against alternative processes
  8. How to improve properties in PM materials (today's hot topics)

Free access for all Euro PM2019 registered participants. To register your interest, please select the box on the Euro PM2019 registration form.


PM for Beginners at Euro PM2018

PM for Beginners lecture at Euro PM2018

Image © Andrew McLeish