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For more than 50 years, CREMER GmbH is a world leader in the high-temperature furnace industry with international references. Cremer provides standard and innovative custom-made solutions in the field of furnace equipment with controlled atmospheres, especially for PM and MIM, in all known concepts, as well as presses for HIP/CIP applications to round off their scope of supply. For some time, CREMER upgraded his technology for Mo- and W-powder processing and heat treatment of highly developed technical glasses. To complete the picture, we assist our customers by R&D department for special requests, a wellassorted spare part store and global service by experienced personnel, always supported on site by professional representatives/offices all over the world.
Auf dem Flabig 6
Dr Ing Ingo Cremer
+49 2421 96830-0
+49 2421 63735

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