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The Orton Ceramic Foundation manufactures TempTAB, a ceramic device used to assess process temperature and uniformity within sintering furnaces. Typical applications include Additive manufacturing, MIM, Carbides and hard metals as well as traditional PM sintering.  TempTAB allow users to easily document the consistency and reproducibility of sintering processes through conversion of shrinkage into an equivalent sintering temperature.  An easy to use software program is offered complimentary with the TempTAB for tracking process results and making comparisons between different furnaces.  Five TempTAB products are available for use in furnaces operated in vacuum, air, and inert gasses (including Hydrogen, Argon and Nitrogen) at temperatures between 850-1750°C.   TempTAB work in both batch and continuous sintering furnaces.
6991 Old 3C Highway
United States
Jim Litzinger
+1 614-818-1338

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