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PolyMIM GmbH has been producing and marketing its line of standard and custom-made polyMIM® feedstock since 2005. Metal injection moulding allows for cost-effective production of complex metal components by combining the processes of injection moulding and sintering. We developed an environmentally sound water-soluble binder system. Thus polyMIM® combines the cost and quality advantages of metal injection moulding with ecological demands. In 2013 the new polyPOM feedstock based on a catalytic binder system was added to the range. All common MIM metal alloys are available as ready-to-mould standard feedstock compounds. Our portfolio includes low alloy, stainless, copper, titanium and hard metal feedstock. PolyMIM GmbH meets highest quality requirements and is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.
Am Gefach
Bad Sobernheim
Mr René Kaul
+49 170 7822818
+49 6751 85769-5437

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